Motion Graphics/2D Animations

Accelerator on a Chip: How It Works

This animation is simple, but accuracy was everything. Currently the most viewed video on SLAC's YouTube page!

Created using Adobe After Effects and Lightwave 3d.

Glimpsing Chemical Bonds

I created all of the motion graphic elements for this video detailing the scientific concepts.

Created using Adobe After Effects.

SLACerMan does Vehicle Safety!

Click here to see the 3 part series created on vehicle safety at SLAC!

SLAC Kid's Day Safety Video

I was tasked with creating a safety video for SLAC's annual Kid's Day, where employees can bring their kids to work and the kids are let loose on a number of fun science activities.  But safety first, right? 

Created using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects.

Engineering Education DVD Intro

This animation was used as an intro video for a series of DVDs.

Created using Adobe After Effects.


I created this animation in college for an assignment on animating text. I remember having a lot of fun creating it! On a side note, since posting on You Tube in 2007, it has received more than 180,000 views! Incredible!

Created using Adobe After Effects.