Nature Cover

As long as I've been creating cover artwork at SLAC, there has always been one journal that has eluded me: Nature. Nature is a biggie, akin to TIME or Newsweek but for the scientific community. Many times I have tried and crafted cover artwork to appeal to their artistic sensibilities, and many times I failed.

But in the summer of 2014, I finally succeeded!

One of the biggest challenges with this image was making realistic looking 3d water droplets. But for me the devil is in the details, and the spray off the droplet from the X-ray pulse really sells it.

Having nabbed the cover is a thrill, but I won't rest on my laurels. I'll keep submitting artwork to Nature and hope that lightning strikes again.

Final Image

The final cover is below. I really dig how they incorporated the headline into my artwork!

Final Cover

Here is the Nature website, featuring my image:

This image was created using a mix of Lightwave 3d and Photoshop.