Nature Physics Cover

For the February issue of the scientific journal Nature Physics, my image, representing a paper from scientists at SLAC, was chosen as the cover!

In another example of visualizing science, in the fall of 2010 I was contacted by some scientists at SLAC. They were submitting a paper to the science journal Nature Physics, on their research involving an intense laser pulse producing electron motion in a bulk zinc-oxide crystal. This had been performed on a gas before, but never a bulk crystalline solid. Very exciting and cutting edge science!

Along with the paper, they wanted to submit a possible cover image that could be used by the journal, at their discretion of course. After some back and forth tweaking a concept, the image below was approved by the scientists. It was packaged with the paper and submitted to Nature Physics.

Final Image

Fast forward to the beginning of February. The paper and image had been submitted at the end of October, but still no word on whether my image had been chosen for the cover. But lo and behold, we received word, the week of the February issue being released, that my image was on the cover! You can see the final cover art below.

Final Cover

Here is the Nature Physics website, featuring my image:

This image was created using a mix of Lightwave 3d and Photoshop.