Star Trek T-Shirt Design

I became aware of the t-shirt design contest, hosted by, in a newsletter email advertising the latest Star Trek movie. I decided to give it a go, and began thinking of ideas.

From the beginning, I knew I wanted to make a design that would appeal to all sorts of people, not just Star Trek fans. The vulcan hand gesture seemed a fitting subject, but forming the hand from original Star Trek ships and icons was the way I could sneak in the "geek," as it were. Thus my design, "Pieces of a Whole," was born.

T-Shirt Closeup

It was selected as one of 10 designs by the staff, out of almost 500 entries. From there, fans were allowed to vote for their favorite design. When all was said and done, my design garnered enough votes for an honor-worthy 3rd place!

Final T-Shirt Design